Dr. Evermor's Forevertron

This gallery's a little different. It's not about me being artsy, it's just to expose more people to the best steampunk sculpture EVER. Yes, ever. Including all the great stuff at Burning Man. This guy wins. You've just never seen it, because it's in semi-rural Wisconsin (here). Incidentally, it's also the biggest scrap-metal sculpture in the world.



Badly-stitched pano of the Forevertron at center, with observation gazebo for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at left, and telescope at right. The Forevertron includes many parts from 1920's power plants, as well as an original 1880's Edison dynamo and a decontamination chamber from the Apollo project.






A really badly-stitched pano, from the other side









Buried in the bottom left is the 1880's Edison dynamo.



Antique fire-extinguisher cannon out front (and steel ants).









This part of the Forevertron may or may not be the
decontamination chamber from one of the Apollo missions.



Observation gazebo for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (very fancy throne inside)



You can just hear the mad scientist within you cackling, can't you?



A few of the 70+ bird orchestra. Note the thirty-foot-tall guitar bird in back.
(The foreground chime bird is almost 10' tall.)















Rotor from the 1880's Edison dynamo.
The grey ovals around the coils of wire are WOODEN insulators.









This jet-bug was about 20' long and tall enough for me to stand under the wings.



The rear of the jet-bug is some kind of gigantic valve (grain elevator?)



Antique fire extinguisher that warns you not to let it freeze
(because they just used water back then). Oh, and a cannon.



This fish was the only rust-free piece on the whole lot.